A Restaurant’s Social FAIL

A Restaurant’s Social FAIL

Recently on Kitchen Nightmares a restaurant was so far gone and so resistant to change that Chef Ramsay left before helping them.  This was a complete failure on their part to accept and adapt to change.  Not only did they have a fail on  the show they had two fails online.

Failure to accept, respond well, adapt and make proper changes will put you in the same position.  The businesses that get angry, such as this one, at reviewers and bloggers will destroy themselves.  If you cannot respond well as a business then you need to hire someone who can do that for you.  Not once did they “stand up” to the reviewers and bloggers but twice.  Some people don't learn their lesson.

In our society more of the control is in the hands of the consumer.  Push marketing does not work well anymore, but connecting to consumers does.  Before online reviews business would have a comment card box, which would get ignored.  If you ignore online comments, blogs or reviews then you are sabotaging the future of your business.

We have professionals who have vast experience in handling online reviews and reputation management.  Let us help you reclaim your name before it costs you your business.  Being resistant to change is like being resistant to growth.  You can reach us at 877-494-9668 for more information or for help.

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