Anyone Can Do That!

Anyone Can Do That!

There is a rumor going around about social marketing.  It has caused many problems for social marketers and companies seeking social marketing assistance.  The rumor has been started by some business owner’s nephew, son, brother or cousin and did not know it was a rumor.

The rumor is stated something like this, “Anyone can that!”  For some reason it is becoming a more common statement.  It may have to do with the decline in the economy or the overcharging by marketers in the past.  Regardless of where or why the rumor started, it is indeed a rumor.

Let’s put this rumor to rest!

Your nephew, friend or whoever promises to help you may know a little about Facebook and Twitter, but do they know business?  I see a lot of businesses on Facebook, but they don’t know the rules of engagement.  I see plenty of businesses on Twitter but they have no idea why they are even there.  Usually I hear, “I was told I needed to be on Facebook so I signed my business up and it’s a waste of time.”  This is because they don’t know how Facebook is done right.

There is a HUGE difference between doing social media and doing social media right.  I am in the middle of writing a book titled Social Marketing DONE RIGHT, because most businesses do not realize there is a wrong and right way of marketing online.

There is a wrong and right for everything. A way that hurts us and a way that helps us succeed.  Do you want to learn how to do it RIGHT?  Call me at 877-494-9668-9668.