App Update, Google Plus

App Update, Google Plus

Looks like everyone is adding the ability to enhance photos when posting, so of course Google+ has to follow suit.  However this update is not all about photos, just one piece.

Here are some of the interesting features to this update.  You can now share short animations, post panoramic photos.  You can search content via #hashtag now, something that has been rumored for Facebook.  Now you are able to edit more of your profile from the app, this makes it easier for those of us always on the go.  You can add strikethrough text when posting, which is an interesting spin but probably not widely used.  However, here are three features that stick out the most.

#1.  You can now copy a posts permalink.  Meaning when you insert a link into the link field, not inside the status update, you can now copy that link.  Which in my opinion is not a big deal but I like it because no one else is really doing that.  It’s a unique Google+ feature.

#2. The ability to edit comments has arrived.  With spelling errors and grammar mistakes this is a blessing for most of us.  Now we can correct those mistakes before we get corrected by the masses.

#3. Saving the best for last.  You can now have Google+ Hangouts and video calls!  Here is the catch, yep there is a catch.  You have to download the app for that.  These features are on a completely separate app, but that is good because now we have those awesome features on mobile devices.

What is your favorite app lately?