App Update, HootSuite for Twitter & Facebook

App Update, HootSuite for Twitter & Facebook

Lot’s of features updated in this app, most are minor fixes, but there are some neat ones overall.

The minor updates include display name in retweets, improved image quality of Twitter profile photo, places button fixed, timestamp accuracy, special characters, photo upload bar and special characters display fixed.  Two features that are a nice improvement (not that adding Danish support is not cool enough) but these are my favorite feature updates.

#2. Retweet count in Twitter stream.  This was an online only feature, which is welcome for the social marketers on the go.  For me this gives me the ability to see what is important to my audience because they are sharing it with their audience.  Also, this gives me the ability to pull up a stream on my phone to show clients our progress.  Cool feature!

#1. You can now view a list of users who retweeted a specific tweet.  This allows us to see who is retweeting rather than just a number.  Love this feature because now I can show clients if we have reached an influencer, meaning they have a larger following than usual or they influence have influence in their niche.  This allows us to thank those who are retweeting also.  Puts a face to a number.

Any welcomed or un-welcomed updates this past week?