The Importance of Adversity

The Importance of Adversity

It is in songs, it has probably been told to you at some point in your life, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."  I remember hearing this growing up so much that I adopted my own saying.  What does not crush you, only builds you.  I find this to be true in most life situations, but it helped me while working out in the gym, running and in reputation management.

Far too often I hear executives, owners or directors express their fear of what someone could say about their company online.  This is not much different than when you were a child and would hide under the covers thinking, if I can't see them then they can't see me.  Just because a company does not have a presence online that they created, does not mean that people did not create one for them.  Just because you are not there does not mean people are not there talking about you.  However, if you have a presence then you at least give them a place to hold the conversation with you instead of about you.  

Creating a presence allows you to receive feedback but also gives you the ability to respond to feedback.  Not only do people search for product, restaurant or business reviews, they look to see if the company has responded to any of them.  Whether it is positive or negative the importance of responding is vital for 2013.

Just to make it clear, an auto responder is not going to cut it in 2013.  People require that personal touch again.  It is time we respond online but also connect offline.  If a company can create a 360 degree relationship with a customer, they will most likely have a customer for life.  That customer would be loyal through trials and triumph.

I will close by saying this, the most important thing to remember is that without adversity there would be no victory.  Claim your victory this morning by signing up so you do not miss out on our promotional pricing.  You can also call us at 877-494-9668 to reserve your spot or if you would like to start creating loyal customers today.