Facebook News Feed is Changing Soon

Facebook News Feed is Changing Soon

Just last Thursday Facebook announced some changes coming to the News Feed.  What does this mean for pages and the user?  There is going to be impact for both, but who comes out on top in this update?  We will let you decide.

The new News Feed will allow the user to create multiple sub feeds, such as close friends, following and more.  The sub feeds in all honesty are not completely new, but they have been hidden.  In this change the user will be able to swap between the sub feeds easily, allowing the user to select the content they want to view.  What does this mean for pages?

The sub feeds will allow the user more freedom but in all honesty it will restrict the pages visibility.  Not that it is not restricted now.  This means the content has to be quality driven rather than quantity driven.  Many marketers have been saying this for years, but now Facebook is forcing quality content.  This will drive more true engagement between consumers and pages.  The end result will eventually cause companies to humanize their brand.  Another change will be the size of images in the News Feed.

For the user this is great because we are more visually driven now than ever before.  Most users would rather view an image than read a paragraph of text.  However if a page is posting nothing but images, it can turn consumers away, driving away engagement.  Users mostly engage with images from their friends or family, rather than pages, to be honest.  What does this mean for pages?

Quality images will be key!  No more quick snapshots or blurry images.  On the flip-side however, there has to still be some spontaneity.  Even if you snap a photo to upload quickly, make sure it is a quality photo before posting it.  This may increase the work of your designer or cause you to hire one.  So what does this mean long term for pages?

Well it is going to cause one of two things to happen.  One, you will need to hire a social media manager for Facebook. (Why not ask us?  We know a few people)  Or two, you will spend so much time working on Facebook that it will take you away from working on your business.  In order to get the engagement you once had, you will have to…. Call to find out the answer to this one (877) 494-9668.