Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement for a large national company looks completely different than it does for a small local business.  A great example is Walmart, they are so large that it is far more difficult for them to create customer engagement on a local level.  They make an effort by placing greeters at the door and get involved in the local chambers of commerce, but it's still not as impactful as a small local business can be.

A small local business has the upper hand when it comes to customer engagement.  There are three key ares of customer engagement.

1. Connect online

A small business can connect with their consumers online through meaningful content.  A small business can share about local events that their customers may enjoy or they can create an event of their own to invite customers too.  Share content that is meaningful to your customers, not just to you.  To learn more about meaningful content you can contact us at (877) 494-9668.

2. Know your community

When you get involved in the community as a small business you are making a large impact.  The first thing I did when starting my first business was join the local chamber of commerce and get plugged in.  I sat on over 3 different committees, one that impacted the residential community, one that impacted the business communities and one that impacted the city government.  This helped me learn about the community, discover a few needs and actually fill some of the needs.  When you fill a need as a small business, you accelerate your growth and establish yourself in the community as a trusted go to business.

3. Take it offline

When I go to local events and see local businesses supporting the event with a booth I begin to respect them more.  When I go to the booth and they take time to talk to me, I begin to connect with them.  I am more likely to shop local if I connect with a business.  As a small business it is imperative that you know how you are connecting online so that you can carry that offline.

I will never forget connecting with a local business owner last summer.  They posted a question on Facebook asking, "What is your favorite local coffee shop?"  I thought that was a really cool question and actually had nothing to do with their business but connected them to the community.  Although they did not receive many comments the question was successful because it sparked many discussions, including mine, at their booth.  

When a business knows what is posted online, knows the community then they can take that all offline and it allows them to connect with customers on  a deeper level.  A connected consumer will shortly turn into a connected customer and a connected customer will shortly turn into an ambassador.

To learn more about posting meaningful content, connecting with the community and taking it offline contact us at (877) 494-9668.