Inspiring People, Brant Hansen

Inspiring People, Brant Hansen

When I first met Brant Hansen I knew nothing about him, but he caught the attention of so many people around me.  My coworkers, my wife, friends and business connections all would talk about hearing Brant on Air 1.  They would always ask, "Did you hear….on Brant's show yesterday?"  Honestly my answer was no 90% of the time, although we worked in the same building.

What honestly got me to listen to him, read his blog and get to know him more had nothing to do with anyone else.  I listened, read and watched his videos because he was such a real man.  He did not walk around acting like he was better than me, he would take time to actually talk to me, even if I interrupted him.  It was refreshing.  What captured me the most was when I learned more about Brant.

I heard about his "I am Second" video from a lot of people talking about it.  It became this buzz at work and among some friends.  I did not watch it at first, but when I finally did it opened my eyes.  I instantly gained an appreciation for who Brant is and what he does.  In that moment I also realized how many conversations he sparked for me.

I began to think back to several conversations that took place based on something Brant talked about.  Most of those conversations would not have naturally taken place, but because I began to listen to his show and read his blog I was able to have deeper conversations.  Some of the conversations were eye openers for some of my business contacts, some conversations lead to deeper faith conversations and some lead to prayer.

Honestly, it's not the content Brant shares, his kindness towards others, how he treated me or the conversations he sparked.  Brant is an inspiration to me because he allows God to move through his weakness.

I believe if we keep inspiring people close to us, remain teachable and have a relationship with God we will be better people.  My goal for the remainder of 2013 is to stay in touch with inspiring people, read books more and study the Bible again.

What is one of your goals for 2013?