Can We Be Too Connected?

Can We Be Too Connected?

I was listening to the Air 1 Morning Show when I heard them talk about a social media ban in Ely, Minnesota.  The little town of Ely titled this campaign "Only birds tweet."  At first I was a little shocked to hear this and it even made me chuckle, but then Dan Dillard shared how he recently "unplugged" from social media while on vacation.  He said he was close to completely giving up Facebook because he likes the face to face connection.  Are we so busy communicating screen to screen that we miss the face to face?

I will be honest, I have not done any webinars for that reason alone, I enjoy being face to face with my audience.  However, this limits the reach of my message and the impact it potentially could have.  Potential, it is a dangerous ground to stand on.

I believe we put so much stock into the internet and social media because of potential, yet potential is all in ones perception.  I may perceive something more valuable than anyone else solely due to my point of view.  This reminds me of when I collected sports cards as a kid, well until I was 17.

I had over 180 Michael Jordan basketball cards, which were just a few among thousands of sports cards I collected.  I would buy sports cards as often as I could, put them into protective sheets that I put into 3 ring binders and often took them to shops to sell or trade.  I was proud of my cards, but I remember this particular Jose Canseco baseball card that was cartoonish that I absolutely loved.  This card was worth all of $0.25, but it was worth far more to me than that.  I saw potential in that card because of the artistic design on it.   The drawing itself was what made the card valuable for me.  No one else saw that value in the card.

My point is that we should not put all our stock into the internet or social connections if we only value it based on potential.  Potential will potentially let you down.  When I look at my social connections I don't value them based on the number of connections they have, I see them as being valuable solely because they are people.  I try to connect with them face to face but it's not always possible.

If you would like to connect I am up for a chat or short Skype call, just message me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  No solicitations please, I am not buying anything right now, thanks!