Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search

I recently read an article called "How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Facebook's Graph Search."  I found a few things interesting in this article I wanted to share with you.

First, it is widely known that Facebook's Graph Search has not fully rolled out yet so you "may" get a chance to optimize your Facebook Page for the search.  The Facebook Execs are saying "It's too soon to tell" because it is so new.

However, it is important to make sure you do optimize your Facebook Page.  I found over the years many business pages were not optimized only because the creator was too close to the content.  Same thing happens to me whenever I write a blog post, so I have friends and experts take a look at it to make sure it is optimized and readable.

I also found this informative and very helpful in the article. "Aaron Schwartz, founder and CEO of Modify Watches, says his Graph Search strategy is the same as his Google strategy. "If we try to win for 'watches' on Google, we'll never do it because we're up against bigger competitors," he says. "But we might win for 'bright blue watch.'" As with Google, getting visibility on Graph Search relies on a secret algorithm."

It's not about cracking the code or algorithm, it's about optimizing for it.  If you need help optimizing your Facebook Page, or any of your other social accounts or websites, feel free to contact us at 877-494-9668.