Social Time!

Social Time!

Throughout the last several years I have met several business owners who constantly tell me they cannot afford to hire a social marketing agency.  I completely understand, however the answer to the problem is not completely free, it will require your time.  You have to understand, social marketing costs everybody time and/or money.  You either spend money on having someone else manage it or you spend the time to management it yourself. Which still costs you by the way.

Self management is not always a good solution because the quality is not going to be the same as if you hired an expert.  However, hiring the experts may not be affordable for some (make sure you check out our pricing), so we decided to share a few tips for managing your own social networks.

Since most small business owners are busy with their business they don't always have time to manage social media. It is one more task in a conga-line of many each day that takes them away from their day-to-day operations.  You can use these 2 tips to manage your own social networks, barely.

1.  Schedule time!  Take small blocks of time to create scheduled content, real time content and reply.  It is important that set time to create scheduled content that is primarily informative, this helps you save time on content creation.  It is equally important to set time aside to create real time content, not just specials but some behind the scenes or "in the know" content.  You also need to make sure you are spending time responding to people, most likely the people who comment are expecting a reply.

2.  Use apps to save time!  You can use HootSuite to auto schedule or choose times to schedule content and even post real time.  This saves you from having to log into each social network.  However, HootSuite does not set itself up so you can get some help by using an expert.  We have HootSuite Certified Professionals that can get you set up at a very affordable price.  There are other apps out there that can help but we recommend HootSutie because it will allow you to connect to your social networks (including your Google+ Page), auto schedule, create real time content and even reply.  It is an all in one dashboard.

For more information on social management or HootSuite setup call us at 877-494-9668.