If You Could Would You....Change Your LIFE?

If You Could Would You....Change Your LIFE?

I was thinking about life, career and things that happen between each breath.  Then a question popped into my head.  If you could change your life... would you?  Well, for me that is a tough question.  If you think about it, the impact on the life of other people would be unpredictable.  It’s like the butterfly effect theory, one change would change everything.

In my life I have had some positive and negative impact on the people around me.  What would happen if that no longer existed?  So many questions to get to one answer.

I don't know about you but I often wonder what life would or could have been like if I just did this or that differently.  That’s why I asked the question, cause maybe you struggle like I do, but I hope you see the significance of your life regardless of the positive or negative impact.  Your life, has impacted the world, for better or for worse.  We were not created to be perfect, we are here for a greater purpose.  Our lives serve a greater purpose than the job we have, the money we make or the debt we may have.

I am writing this because I struggle with regret of past mistakes, but I tell myself everyday that my life has a greater purpose.

I will be writing more if you could would you blog posts so share any thoughts with me by emailing me.  I look forward to hearing from you.