Inspiring People, Zaya

Inspiring People, Zaya

The title may have thrown you off a little, maybe you are wondering who Zaya is, maybe you’re not because you know or have some sort of idea.  Zaya is one of the greatest inspiration in my life.  Since the day we met he changed my life completely.  He has faced adversity and the struggles of life with a positive attitude, with hope and joy that only comes from God.

A day prior to his birth the doctors discovered he was breached forcing the doctors to perform a c-section on his mother.  Once he was yanked into this world he would face some health issues causing him to be placed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  He would fight through slightly undeveloped lungs causing air to get trapped in his chest and simultaneously he would battle jaundice.  A week later he got to go home, but the struggles would not end there.

A month or so later he began to experience the pain of GERD, also known as acid reflux.  He was placed on medications that would only help periodically.  It would be over one year later before he would no longer need any medications.  Unfortunately the struggles don't end there either, he would have more long issues before turning 3.

He got a croup cough 3 times in one year, going to the emergency room two times and getting diagnosed with seasonal asthma.  He would received three medications to combat the problem, only to see slow results and some residual issues.  While growing up he has had the normal bumps, bruises, scrapes, falls and he probably will experience many more, such is life.

It is not about going through tough times in life, it’s all about how we handle them.  Like I said in the beginning, Zaya has faced these things in such an amazing way that it makes me want to appreciate every moment, no matter the struggles I face.  Most of you know why I know all this about Zaya and that he will be three years old soon.  I am blessed to be able to be there to see the joy in his face, the glimmer in his eye and the smiles he brings each and every day because he is my son.  He is one of the greatest inspirational people in my life and because of him I am forever changed.

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