Email Subject Done Right

Email Subject Done Right

If you are anything like me, you have subscribed to a LOT of email subscription lists from Groupon to other social marketing professionals and even some local companies.  One thing I have seen all over the map is the email subject line. Some are creative and some are simply deceptive.  Just like everything else in social marketing there is a right and a wrong way to creating your email subject line.

There has been so many problems with deceptive email subject lines that the law sets rules for commercial email in the United States.  The CAN-SPAM Act of 2004 says, "It is unlawful for any person to initiate the transmission to a protected computer of a commercial electronic mail message if such person has actual knowledge, or knowledge fairly implied on the basis of objective circumstances, that a subject heading of the message would be likely to mislead a recipient.”  It is illegal to mislead your subscribers whether it is the subject line or the content within the email.

Understanding the legalities of email newsletters is extremely important and will save you time, money and will prevent you from having to defend your company in court.  Knowing what is right and wrong should always be the foundation you set for any marketing avenue you venture down.

You can create a compelling subject line that will get you a high open rate without being deceptive.  A compelling subject line will follow two guidelines to help increase open rate.

1. You have to know your subscribers, what motivates them and what sparks their curiosity.

So many small businesses don’t check their email subscribers list or look into the analytics of their past emails to find out what worked and what did not work.  This is foundational for any successful email marketing campaign.  Checking the stats on your subscriber list will reveal some information to help you better create a compelling subject line.  Once you know your audience the next step is easy.

2. Make your readers say, “WHAT?” or “Hmm.”

At that point they have some interest.  If you can write a subject line that makes your subscriber say WHAT? You know they will open.  A ‘say what’ subject line is usually a special offer, some new information about a product or service.  Updates to prior email newsletters can cause your audience to say ‘what’, but be cautious so you are not being deceptive.

If you make your audience say ‘Hmm’ then you have them curious and most likely thinking about what is in the email.  Sparking curiosity will usually increase your open rate, because people want to know what's going on - so their curiosity will get the best of them.  The only way to do this effectively is to know what interests your audience and you can find that out through testing your content.  Keep trying new ways to reach your audience, then you will really discover more about them.

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