Engagement: Overused & Misunderstood

Engagement: Overused & Misunderstood

For years I have heard many “social media marketers” preaching about engagement.  Telling brands to engage with customers, fans and everyone in between.  It’s not engagement’s fault and most likely not marketers’ fault for preaching it.  It is a message everyone wants to hear, but not always what should be said.

The word engagement has been so overused that we brush it off, we don't take the time to understand it or even to discover what it would truly look like in our industry or business.  Instead, engagement is left alone to sit and look pretty while being misused.  The true meaning of engagement is not what you would typically think.

Engagement does not mean your brand or company is replying to every user that mentions you on Twitter or tags you on Facebook or even writes in your timeline.  Engagement is much more than that.  Engagement is an action - it is an action that is strategic and moves before required to.  Engagement is not meant to sit and wait to move.

True engagement is done with a plan and a purpose, no movements waisted.  Engagement takes place in your business every day, from the way you answer the phone, reply to emails to the way you greet guests or potential customers.  Proper engagement online takes that into consideration and uses that in content production, reply responses and in every point of contact along the way.

The sentiment you use offline should be no different than the sentiment you use online.  The reactions and responses should be no different.  The content shared should be just as relevant as the content you would share at a networking event or with a customer.  Make it worth their time.

Invest in them!

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