Facebook Post Objectives

Facebook Post Objectives

Every social network is different, each has it's own environment, culture and language.  Almost as each is a virtual island but with similarities spilling over into each other.  Much like how the world is today.

Among the differences and similarities each social network has it's own post objectives.  I have created and used these social post objectives to help guide my social content.  They are an intricate part of my social strategy and help reach my marketing goals.  I used these social posts objectives that I am about to share with you to help me be successful as the K-LOVE Social Media Producer and with other clients.

Facebook has five post objectives, each with it's own micro strategy, result and impact in your macro social strategy.  I cover all five Facebook post objectives in my book The Social Mindset, released later this year.  For now, here are the basics.

5 Facebook Post Objectives:


I listed shares as number one because it is one of the more difficult objectives, which means it just takes a little more finesse and micro strategy than the others.  Facebook post shares is simply getting people to share your content in their NewsFeed.


I listed comments as number two because it is still difficult to achieve, but not as difficult as shares.  Most people think all you have to do is ask a question, yet it's not that easy because most Facebook Pages impact only 1% of their overall audience and most of that audience is likely not their actual Target Audience.

3.  Clicks

I listed clicks as humber three because it is not the easiest objective to achieve, however it is much easier than most social managers think.  Although it is not easy but it is comparable to writing a good journalistic headline that teases your article.  I get more into this one and how to achieve this objective in my soon to be released book The Social Mindset.


As we get further down the list the objectives get a little easier to achieve but do not take them for granted.  The moment you let your guard down and stop focussing on your micro strategy the less impact you will begin to have.  Keep focused on two things: one, people and two, your social micro strategy which impacts your social macro strategy

Facebook post likes are one the easier objectives to achieve because it is the most commonly used button.  It is much easier for a reader to click like over writing their own thoughts in a comment or sharing your post including their own thoughts.  Easier does not make it totally easy, still takes some finesse.

5.  Reach

I listed reach as last for two reasons, it is the easiest post objective to achieve and it is the one common objective among all the social networks.  Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any other network this objective relies 90% on your abilities rather than the input from your audience.  That said, this takes micro strategy to it's max.

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