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Yes You!

Are you free inside this country because of the sacrifices of others - heck yeah! So help us change our country for the better by helping us launch a new 4-fold app! Built for consumers, veterans, communities and businesses - we promise, you won't regret it. We need your help in raising funds to promote the app nationwide, so don't miss this rare opportunity to personally impact history!

4 Things The App Will Do


Blazing Fast SearchHelp others find their latest craving using the power of blazing fast search.


Help Support Veterans and their FamiliesYou will be a hero by helping provide direct support to military families in this great country.


Socialize with others - get out and share your experiencesMake Mr. Disney jealous as you help create new ways to get out and socialize with others.


Save your hard earned cash!Help others keep their money!

Fundraising Money

Our promise to you - the brave few who know that our country could sure use a 4-fold positive boost!

All monies received from this fundraising page will help us successfully launch this app and in turn begin to directly impact local & reputable organizations in participating cities that are actually doing the most good to support veterans and their families. (Examples are: Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Soldiers' Angels, USO, Puppies Behind Bars, Homes for Our Troops, Disabled American Veterans and others.)

Proceeds breakdown: 70% of the proceeds we give away, 30% we use for maintenance & operations.

Sincere thanks, in advance!
Norm, Cassandra, Jennifer, Jenn, Joe, Keith and Chance.

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $40,000.00 to launch this awesome app, reach every state, grow millions of businesses and all across this great nation show your support for those who truly deserve our sincere gratitude.

The glorious mystery launching soon!

Supporting veterans, Boosting consumer engagement, Benefiting businesses nationwide and Saving you time & money.