Google Plus Post Objectives

Google Plus Post Objectives

 I've wrote about Facebook post objectives and Twitter post objectives, now it's time to talk about Google Plus post objectives.  If you have been following along, the theme here is to lay a foundation of basic understanding of each social network.  Especially since each network is different, like islands or countries.  Each has it's own culture, people and language.  

Since Google Plus is different than the others, lets talk post objectives.


If you're following along you will see this theme among the post objectives.  At this point is when most people roll their eyes and think, I've seen this one already.  There is a reason why it continues to pop up.  

I list shares as number one because it takes thought and strategy to target shares.  It's taking a step beyond just posting content, which truthfully I have been guilty of lately.  You have to stop and truly think about what you are going to write.  It takes time and patience.


I list this one at number two simply because I don't see a lot of comments on some really good posts.  I don't see Google Plus as being an easy engagement platform, although it is getting there.  Comments cause you to to think outside the box.  You have to force yourself to ask a question without asking a question.  You have to be a little, sneaky!

3. Clicks

I have been all over the map as far as click-throughs on Google Plus.  Posts that I thought would do great fell flat and posts that I did not put much work into take off.  This is why I list it as number three.  Clicks are very important on Google Plus, something I will discuss in a later post.

4. +1

There are two types of plus ones.  Page level plus ones and post level plus ones.  I am specifically talking about post level plus ones in this context.

Plus ones are similar to Facebook post likes, except this is within a Google owned social network, so it holds more weight in the search results.   This has been a debate among marketers since the launch of Google Plus, but think about it.  Logically it makes sense and there has been some data to prove it.

5.  Reach

Again, I place reach last simply because it is the most common objective among all social networks.  Reach will get your content in front of more eyes, so it is important, but I say not as important on Google Plus.  I say this because your content can get seen though search results whether you try or not.  The key to reach, is something I will cover in a future post.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you are following along in this series.  Feel free to ask me any question by emailing me+.