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Our strategic collaboration of Marketing Professionals from a vast array of fields provide competitive rates and stellar customer service for any type of consulting, marketing and design services, technology integration and on-line training you might need. To request a quote, please call a member of our sales team at (877) 494-9668 or simply fill out our FREE (SIM) Strategically Integrated Marketing request form.

A team member of will gladly contact you and advise you on the best marketing plan for your needs, suggest additional products or services to assist you and answer any remaining questions you might have.

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    The Beginning Of A Heartwarming Digital Transformation

    MALAWI "The Warm Heart of Africa" EMBRACES DIGITAL MARKETINGThere has been the paradigm shift in accessing information among Malawians. For the past ten years, information was mainly accessed through radio, television and printed media.  As such, businesses used these mediums when promoting their products and services.   Read More...

  • Embracing The Global Workforce

    There is an old saying that goes something like this..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"The problem in reality is, everything around us is broken. If not, then there would be no need for improvement, innovators or inventors. We have found an invaluable truth hidden in all the white noise and that is, while others zig - we zag. Instead of looking to add huge amounts to the bottom-line, at the same time being careless about customer care simply by outsourcing, we have int...  Read More...

  • When To Know Security Is Getting Serious

    Is your SME or SMB still ignoring the importance of security? Consider these recent developments: Apple vs. FBI Forget Apple and the FBI, look at one of Facebook's 'underlings' WhatsApp And now...   Read More...

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    A sweet 2016 is waiting for you

    16 Beautiful Announcements  After Many Patient Months At the close of 2015, The Marketing Minds Group completed our acquisition of a long time and like-minded business... Like minded you may ask? A major component of our long-term plans to take our everyday knowledge and to successfully provide Enterprise Level Solutions to ministries and non-profits globally is now one step closer to becoming a reality. Hard Work = Super Excited We are in the laborious p...  Read More...

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    Unwrap The App This Next Year!

    'Tis the season of giving, but how often do you give a gift that gives back? Is there a hard-to-buy for business owner on your list who seems to have everything? But do they have an app?   Read More...

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