Intro to the Social Mindset

Intro to the Social Mindset

The shift from social media marketing to social marketing, the Social (R)evolution, can only happen with a shift in mindset.  That shift is the Social Mindset.

The Social Mindset is a result of recognizing the need for a shift to social marketing and a desire for the results it will bring.  A mindset shift has the potential for growth and understanding through a learning process.

I was once told that, "A good idea is just and idea without strategy and solid foundation."

I find this especially true in the social marketing space.  Here are four basic aspects of the Social Mindset.

1. Understanding what it is

The Social Mindset really is the simple way I express the process of changing from social media marketing to social marketing, it is just a shift in our thought process.  It really is taking on social marketing fully.  

What is social marketing?

2. Social Assets

Putting it simply, social assets are the assets you will use for marketing, from print to web to social.  With the shift in mindset to the social mindset we must realize we look at the world differently.  Social networks have made a significant impact on our world, especially in marketing.  

3. Implementing

One you understand a shift in mindset is taking place then you identify you social assets.  Now we get to the implementation of the social mindset.  This is achieved through a, new, method I have adopted.  

Full implementation is done through a Macro Strategy, Micro Strategies and Campaign Strategies.  A strategy gives you a solid foundation to launch from.  Trying to jump out of quick sand won't happen, but jumping from solid ground gives you a great launching point.  These strategies, if done correctly, working cohesively together will give your company a larger return on investment (ROI).

4. Analytics

I have always believed in proof, plus my grandfather always said, "Proof is in the pudding."  I don't know about proof being in the pudding but I have discovered that proof is in the analytics.  I use web, mobile and social analytics to help me create better content now and figure out what will work in the future.  

It amazes me how many companies have no idea what is or is not working.  Do not waste your money by guessing cause your proof is in the pudding, according to my grandfather.

Measuring success and failure can only make you better.

These four aspects, parts, steps or whatever you wish to call them will help you see the social mindset shift and adapt to it.  Many changes are coming for marketing, to keep up to date sign up or call 877-494-9668 for assistance.