Moving beyond the sale

Moving beyond the sale

When meeting with small business owners, executives too, they have a focus on using social marketing to increase sales, but that is not all social marketing is good for.  Most companies miss out on the opportunity for public customer service, building authentic connections with current customers and the savings that come with it.

When we focus on new sales we often miss what is right in front of our face, our customers.  We create “one hit wonder customers,” meaning they come in one time and most likely won't return again.  We focus on customer service at one point of contact, which is in person, instead of multiple points of contact.

The single focus of sales will cause you to neglect the customer.  In order to move from being sales focused you need to take three steps:

1. Open your mind to using social marketing for customer service.

In order to truly move forward you have to be open to change.  Change will never happen if you do not allow it.  You have to be flexible as a business just to survive, if you can't be open to this then you are going to have a difficult future.

2.  Accept guidance.

Use someone with experience and knowledge in this area.  Someone who has worked with different organizations to help mold their customer service through social marketing.  Either consult with them or hire them to manage it for you.

3.  Track the results.

Each customer met online is a customer that does not need to call you necessarily and a customer potentially retained.  Most of your customers will not pick up the phone to call you with a complaint, but they will talk about you online.  Track how many replies you make on Twitter, how many posts you receive on Facebook and document it.  This will show you the value.

If you will be open to customer service on the web, accept some guidance from a knowledgeable source and track your results.  You will see a bright future.

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