My CMS Experience with Tumblr

My CMS Experience with Tumblr

Tumblr and I had a true love experience until Tumblr decided to make some frustrating changes for a better “user experience.”  Whenever a company makes changes for “user experience” don’t you think it’s a good idea to check with the users first, or even BETA test it?  When I got too frustrated with WordPress I decided to move on and began to do a lot of research along with some trial and error experiences.  I finally landed on Tumblr.

I signed up quickly, bought a theme I liked and began blogging within minutes.  Easiest platform to use, except there was no home page, which I wanted but it was not a complete deal breaker.  I like the layout enough, how easy it was to use and how much fun it was to blog on.  It was all sunshine until they made changes in late 2012.

Since I am a social marketer I like to include an image in my blog post and at one time Tumblr made that easy to do.  I could place it just about anywhere I wanted to in my blog post.  It was awesome.  Then the changes took that control away from me, all so they could simplify things for the user.  That was not the only problem.

Any blogger wants to see results from the time and effort it takes to write content.  We all want to see traffic going to our site.  That was something that was lack for me, I would spread every blog post across every social network.  I would often see friends, followers and likes sharing with their friends and followers, but the results were very low.  It began to be a pain point for me.  It seemed like the more I posted the less traffic I saw.  So I decided to regulate my postings to a few times per week on specific days.  That did not even help.

This resulted in me searching and searching for a place to blog.  I finally found one!  The best CMS out there.  You can read about what I found... Friday.

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