My CMS Experience with

My CMS Experience with

Let me start by letting you know that is connected to  It is the CMS we use, powered by the great folks at NetSuite. But I will be completely truthful, if you read my last two posts I talked about WordPress being overly complicated, Tumblr making “user experience” changes that resulted in it no longer fitting my needs and now I will share with you the CMS I truly love best.

I love and because they are so simple to use and powerfully capable of some SERIOUS customization for power users.  I believe it is the best choice for those who cannot afford to hire a developer, but if you only need to hire periodically stay tuned for more info. Plus if anything goes wrong, we can help.

One of the major differences between all the other CMS and this one is simply the personal touch.  If someone uses this CMS and runs into problems is only a call or email away.  We respond quickly and take care of issues affordably.

I started to use the CMS and was able to create my website in about 30 minutes.  I was able to go live quickly and begin blogging almost immediately.  I still continue to make changes in my site in hopes of making it appealing and readable.  However, one of the changes resulted in my website going down and getting a message that it no longer exists.

Upon freaking out I reached out to the only man that could help me, my business partner and web pro, Norm Schurdell.  He was able to get my site up shortly after tagging him on my social networks.  I was surprised and still do not know how he does it.

Once my site was back up and running I began to make changes to the layout.  This was so easy to do and is very user friendly.

If you have a do-it-yourself attitude then check out or  You will not be disappointed! Have more questions? Please contact us at 877-494-9668.  Thanks for reading!