My CMS Experience with WordPress

My CMS Experience with WordPress

I don't know about you, but for a while I did not want to pay someone to create a website for me. Mainly because I have other expenses that I felt more important, so I went the do-it-yourself (DIY) route.  Honestly I am not a web designer or developer so my experience hopefully is similar to what you would experience.  This 3 part series about my content management system (CMS) experience begins with the “industry standard” WordPress.  I will share why I began with WordPress, why I left WordPress and what I moved onto.  Finally on Friday you will find out what CMS I love best right now.

I began with WordPress because so many web designers and developers recommended it.  My relationship with WordPress began rocky when I hired a designer to create my first business website, but quickly ran into frustrations.  My frustration began without being able to change my homepage, having to wait for my designer to send me “how to” videos just to make changes.  Then ultimately I made one change and broke my website, meaning it was not found.  It took some time before it was fixed but I still had to make changes.  I could not wait on a designer to make them for me.  This forced me into the DIY world, maybe like you.

I am proud to say that I have since moved on from WordPress, and it was shortly after taking my first website down, but I guess I am a glutton for punishment. The next website I did was my own on WordPress.  I fortunately gained access to a library of themes going through $150 worth before finding one that actually worked and that I could install.  Some themes would not install and others were so complicated that I would quite from sheer frustration.  After choosing my theme I discovered a few things, my web traffic was HORRIBLE!

As a blogger, web traffic is important because that means people are being exposed to some of your content.  However, with WordPress my traffic was 1 to 2 Unique Visitors a week at first, but my peak was 1-3 a day.  That was extremely disappointing.  It was after several months of almost no web traffic and my website breaking from an update to the theme that drove me to leave.

I decided to leave but began doing research before I completely threw in the towel and I came across Tumblr.  I researched themes, ability to customize a blog post and how visible it would be.  You can read about my Tumblr experience on Wednesday.