Pinteresting App Update

Pinteresting App Update

Recently Pinterest updated their mobile app, making three Pinteresting changes by adding the ability to receive notifications, mention friends and giving us a better search feature.  The addition to mention friends and receive notifications makes me wonder what direction they might be going in the near future.

The ability to mention friends leads me to believe they are pushing more towards social connections.  This feature will allow you to recommend recipes by mentioning a friend.  You will be able to offer personal recommendations based on what you know your fiends like already.  It also opens the door for easier communication between friends and others.

Receiving notifications adds the ability to manage your Pinterest account much easier, allowing you to respond to mentions, comments, likes and repins.  This does a lot for brands.

Having a better search feature allows you to find what is most interesting to you, adding the ability to find what you are searching for.  The most interesting thing about these three updates is that it is geared towards all mobile users.

Ability to mention friends in order to spark a conversation, receiving notifications so you can respond timely and updating search.  All these features are the future of mobile.  If you want to be a part of the future, then let us help you build your mobile presence.  Call us at 877-494-9668.

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