Pro Design

Pro Design

Each time I talk with Cassandra Stephens about design I learn more and more about what makes her a pro.  This time I wanted to find out why she loves design and learn more about her style of design.

Cassandra told me she has a HUGE passion for people and art.  Over the last 11 years she has developed the skills necessary to engage with customers, discover their vision and their personality to put into her designs.  The fun part for her is the ability to mix her style with what the customer wants, making each design unique.

I discovered that Cassandra likes to design in layers, making it versatile.  She feels at her absolute best when she is able to design colorful layered pieces, whether it’s an print ad or a web banner image.

“I am able to take a customer's personality and what they say to create design magic.” - Cassandra Stephens.

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