Pro Dev

Pro Dev

The more I talk with team the more I discover how knowledgeable we all are in our different fields.  We began to learn that with our blog post about Pro Integration with Norm Schurdell, now he is back with us to talk about Pro Dev, or Pro Development.

“Development is NOT building websites,” Norm told me as we started chatting.  This honestly made me sit back in my seat and forced me to think, what really is pro dev then?

“Development is working with source code, or the tools available, to display all the parts and pieces that the end user sees,” Norm began to tell me as I sat back in my seat.  He could tell I was thinking really hard about what pro dev really was.  As he began to share more I learned that what we see is not everything, we do not see behind the “curtain.”

What we see displayed takes several lines or files of code, as I am sure you already knew, tehehehe.  For those of you who do not know what I mean, here is an example of code:

This code allows for the image you see in our blog post about Pro Integration to be displayed.  Several lines of code, similar, to this are what makes it possible for you to see any web page or website.  Knowing this code takes mad skills.

I also learned that with this extensive knowledge someone is able to test functionality cross-platform.  What does this mean?  A good developer can take something from desktop and make it functional on mobile.

“A developer is not a drag and drop artist,” Norm Schurdell.

Now that you are learning so much about how knowledgable Norm is about Pro Integration and Pro Dev, you should sign up to become an insider.  Also, take the time to learn more about team.