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Pro Social

You can usually find me at the intersection of Facebook and Twitter.

Writing this blog post was not easy, since technically I am writing about myself, something I am not used to.  While thinking about what to write I came up with one big question.  What is the most important information I could give you about social?  

This is not an easy question to answer, simply because I could drop an information bomb right now that would most likely be overwhelming for you.  After going through 15 sheets of paper I came up with a simple answer.  An answer I believe will sum up social in a simple, but knowledgable way.

Social media marketing is DEAD!

Over the last several years there has been many schools of thought on social, the primary being social media marketing.  This method, honestly, is not much different than the television commercial or direct mail methods.  It is a method in which companies push their message to consumers in hopes of getting in front of them enough that it sticks.  When things changed from company controlled messaging to the consumer opt-in era, this method slowly began to die off only because there are some marketers and companies still practicing this method.  They just use social to do it. now  Which is what lead to the birth of social media marketing.

Well now it's time for social media marketing as we know it to, put it simply, die.  

In order to accept change we must take on a new mindset, a new way of thinking.  This shift in mindset will lead us to the evolution of the relationship between social and marketing, creating what I call the Social (R)evolution.  Which is the transition from social media marketing to, what it was always meant to be, social marketing.  

Taking on the social mindset is to accept the evolution of social media marketing to social marketing.  It is a whole new way of thinking.  This will change the way you view the connection between company and consumer.  The way you view print, web and social.  It will change the way you view marketing in general.

Join us in this shift in social mindset, become an insider.  Stand with us as we look to the future of marketing.