Social Conference Call: Facebook Page vs. Profile

Social Conference Call: Facebook Page vs. Profile

The great debate between Facebook Page or Profile for a business, surprisingly, has continued.  Recently a friend converted their personal profile into a business profile.  In my Social Conference Call yesterday I talked about using a Facebook Page vs. a Facebook Profile.  If you were not able to join me, let me summarize the 15 minute call.

Using Facebook for business it is, and has been, highly recommended to use a page.  In order to understand why this is recommended here are 2 main differences between a page and a profile.

Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile

1.  Opt-in

Page = The opt-in feature, which comes in the form of a "Like" button.  This allows people to opt-in to receive your business content.

Profile = Technically speaking, there is no opt-in button because it is a "Friend Request" that is sent.  This sends a message for a connection request from one person to another and a business should not have the ability.  The reason behind this is known only by Facebook, but my assumption as to why is so that the user has the choice.  Since we are consumer drive, and have been for a while, it makes sense to give the opt-in power to the user rather than the business.  Honestly, I don't want a business to request my friendship, I personally prefer being able to like and unlike a business via their page.

2.  Analytics

Page = This feature is called "Insights," which has recently been updated.  "Insights," or analytics, allow a business to analyze the data produced from receiving likes, comments, shares and more to discover what has or has not worked for them, content wise.  This feature has helped me create content for the future based on passed interaction.  This feature has also allowed me to determine which content helps increase a return and what does not increase a return.  Bottom line, analytics help you determine what impacts the bottom line.

Profile = This feature is not included in a profile, most people do not care so why add this feature.

For more information about Page vs. Profile you can contact me at 877-494-9668 ext. 702.  Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting.