Social Marketing is Like Baseball Part 1

Social Marketing is Like Baseball Part 1

I was trying to think of a way to simplify social marketing for people and it just occured to me to relate it to baseball.  Yeah, social marketing relates to baseball more than you could have expected.  I am going to refer to a well run social marketing department in this scenario.

A baseball team has an owner and general manager, same goes for social marketing.  The owner is the business, the general manager is the social marketing manager or the person responsible for content publishing and responding.  The social marketing manager can either have a team of coaches or often manages the social networks alone, depending on the size of the organization and the participation required on each network.  The owner often relays a desired outcome and the general manager puts the key pieces, or players, into place to achieve that outcome.

Every team has 9 players, but not every company needs 9 social networks, so in this case there may not be 9 players.  Just to clarify, the players represent the social networks in this scenario.  The social marketing manager is responsible for the lineup, ensuring optimal results to achieve the desired outcome of the owner.  A good general manager, or social marketing manager, knows which key player will achieve a desired result when up to bat in order to achieve the overall desired results.

A general manager stacks his lineup so that typically the 4th batter is capable of driving in the first 3, which is assuming they are capable of getting a base hit.  The 4th batter is your anchor.  Same goes for social marketing, your first 3 social networks in your plan are not typically your anchor networks, rather they are well rounded base hitters.  Meaning, you will get some interaction but they are not the social network that will drive it all home for you.  However, just like in baseball, there is always that surprise homerun form that unexpected player which is always welcomed.

Your anchor network varies depending on the desired outcome, that is all a part of strategy, which is foundation.  In this case let’s say your first 3 social networks are Twitter, Google+ and your Blog.  Your anchor network will be Facebook.  If everything goes according to plan then Twitter is on 3rd, Google+ is on 2nd and your Blog is on 1st.  Now Facebook is up to bat, you may get two strikes on your first two pitches but the key is to wait for the “one.”  When it comes, SMACK!  Grand slam!  Facebook drives in all of the runs to achieve the results desired!

Granted, all of this is hinging on two things; one, a great social marketing manager and two, a well implemented strategy.  Both are available through  For tips, advice and special offers sign up for our eNewsletter.  We will also be hosting webinars on social marketing, so sign up and find out when.

Tune in tomorrow to find out more about how social marketing is like baseball in part two.

This also reminded me of the Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First?” routine, always good for a laugh.