Social Marketing is Like Baseball Part 2

Social Marketing is Like Baseball Part 2

There are two sides to the game of baseball, just like any sport or any business.  There is the offense, which is where you attempt to score runs, and there is the defense where you attempt to keep the other team from scoring runs.  In this scenario, it is social marketing that is similar to the offense.  With the proper social marketing manager and strategy in place your defense will not let a single run slip through the cracks but if they do then you can rely on them to bounce back.

A good social marketing manager will put the key players in key positions to handle respondes to all comments, replies and so on.  Sometimes these responses are brutal but mostly not, it all depends on the content.

In baseball there are 9 defensive players, however in this scenario we are going to only use 5.  Now in baseball there is a strategy for placing a player in their optimal position.  Your first basemen is pretty agile, meaning they can keep their foot on the bag and move at the same time.  Your second baseman is a great multi-tasker, able to move quickly and take responsibility for his base.  Your shortstop is an all around athlete, he can assist with major plays and is often a key to double plays.  Your third basemen can play it close to the line, manage the bag and still assist at home plate.  Your catcher has to have clear vision, can see the ball coming and the play that is about to happen so he sets the pitcher up with the right pitch to make things happen.  Your pitcher is your key defense, strikeouts are good and homeruns are bad, so having a pitcher that can handle stress is key.

A great social marketing manager has most of these abilities but can recognize his or her blind spots and recruits the key players needed for those positions.  Each position is necessary for 24 hour coverage, but depends on the size of the company and the size of the networks.  You do not want to have too much for them to do, nor do you want to give your players nothing to do.

A strategy will tell the social marketing manager when the right time is for the right players and it will tell the players which play to make.  Sometimes more than one player needs to get involved in order to make a double play.  There is often a call for teamwork in baseball as well as social marketing.

Without digging too much deeper we can create a social marketing strategy that integrates with your business and fits like the perfect batting glove or mitt.  Our goal is to see our customers succeed, because your success is what matters to us.

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