Social Media Marketing has...EVOLVED

Social Media Marketing has...EVOLVED


Ever since the creation of social networks they have been evolving, socially speaking.  We have become more social online through the years.  The impact of social networking has made a lasting impact on our world, especially when it comes to marketing.  The next evolution, taking place now, is from Social Media Marketing into Social Marketing.

What is social marketing?

Social marketing is not so much a thing as it is a mindset.  It is a way of marketing your company, on and off-line.  Each marketing piece is created with five social marketing aspects in mind.

1. Like

While creating marketing pieces you must think, will my target audience like my marketing piece so much that they will keep it and eventually share it.  We have become a culture of likes and dislikes, thanks mostly to Facebook.  

Whether it's a flyer, business card, brochure or a social post, top of mind is making sure your target audience likes it.  Is it visually appealing, is the content to the point and captivating.  Does it lead them to share it.

2. Share

Word of mouth still remains the top, number one, way to gain a high return on your investment.  This means you need to turn fans, followers, leads or whatever you call them into people who share your marketing materials with friends.  It is hard enough to get people to keep your marketing materials, but to get them to share it.

The number one way to get someone to share your marketing materials with friends, its a secret so don't tell anyone, is to making it appealing!  If you can make it visually appealing, to the point, interesting and captivating them people will share it.

3. Join Me

We all want potential customers to join our social networks, to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Circle us on Google Plus.  This way we can keep our brand messaging in front of them as much as possible, WRONG!  That's old thinking, that's social media marketing.  We want them to join us so we can build a connection with them by sharing our brand story, our brand convictions and our brand desires.

The stronger the connection you have with, what I call, potentials the more like they are to become customers!

4. Purchase

Every business wants to impact their bottom line, but the ones that truly make an impact are the ones that build connections.  Which is what builds customers and impacts your bottom line.  What if your brands impact was measurable beyond the bottom line, but was measured by the impact you made in people.  Every brand has a story, it's what sets you apart from your competitors and it's what makes people buy from you.

It's great if you can convert potentials into customers all day long, but if you truly want to make an impact turn them into loyal customers by caring about them.  Then you will have brand advocates.

5. Advocate

There is nothing like an advocate when being accused or when someone says something negative or harsh about you.  There really is no better feeling than when someone comes to your aid and nothing gets the message across better than an advocate.  When an outside can speak highly of your brand, then you will make a tremendous impact.

Most brands focus on being the hero, but that's old thinking!  Now is the time that brands recognize their advocates as the hero.  We must treat them as hero or risk losing them as an advocate.

The old way of thinking was about pushing.  We spent so much time pushing our brand, our content and our brands ways onto people that we forgot about the people.  Well it's the age of social, the age of the consumer.  So join me in the Social (R)evolution or get left behind, stuck in your old ways.  Step into the future with me. 

Welcome to, Social Marketing, the new Social (R)evolution!