Stagnant Water

Stagnant Water

Pond water that does not flow becomes stagnant, which is dangerous for consumption.  Stagnant water holds several types of bacteria, begins to stink and breeds insects like mosquitoes.  All of that make for a horrible stench.

Imagine if you create content that just sits there, no interaction, no engagement and a low number of impressions.  Your social network will become stagnant.  It will begin to stink and your impressions will continue to dop.  How do you combat stagnant content?

You can combat this problem in three ways.

1.  Be open to feedback!  Positive or negative can help you with future content.  Ask people on and offline to evaluate your content.

2.  Review your social statistics.  This will show you how to improve your content by judging the response to your past content.  I highly recommend reviewing them every week so that you can make small adjustments so it goes unnoticed.  This will keep your fans, followers, likes, etc. from freaking out.

3.  Mix things up a bit!  We know that images have been the latest craze, but it’s not the only type of content you can or should post.  It absolutely drives me crazy to see nothing but images posted.  Another way to mix it up is by changng your posting times.  Add some spontaneous times and change your normal posting schedule.  Make sure you track the times and statistics so you can find out what times and days work best for you.

These are not all my tips on keeping your content fresh, but if you want more just call me at 877-494-9668 so we can chat more about this.