Twitter Hack, Social Strength or Market Weakness?

Twitter Hack, Social Strength or Market Weakness?

If you haven’t heard by now about the Associated Press (AP) Twitter account, let me be the one to inform you, it was hacked. Tweeting that there was bombing in the White House stating the President was injured. This directly resulted in a 100 point drop in the Stock Exchange. Who knew a tweet could hold so much power and reveal so much weakness?

I personally never would have thought a tweet like that would have such impact in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), but it did. I believe there are four lessons to learn from this unfortunate hack.

1. Account Security

You need to make sure you do not have the same password for Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  I know it is a pain to have different passwords for each account, including email, but it will save you the inconvenience of having your accounts hacked.  There would be nothing worse than having multiple social networks hacked along with your email.  For questions about internet security and how to get help contact us at 877-494-9668 or email us.

2. Can't believe everything you read.

I work on the K-LOVE News team and we received an email from our director telling us we need to make sure we double check the authenticity of a story by using more than one credible source.  That should apply to all of us before we decide to ReTweet or share content we should check other credible resources.

3. Power of a tweet.

The fact that a tweet brought the NYSE down 100 points is a bit shocking.  However I quickly realized that tells us the power of a tweet.  This reminds me of when I was K-LOVE Social Media Producer in the studio with a DJ and I tweeted a question with the studio phone number causing all the lines to ring.  The DJ turned around and was just shocked.

Twitter is best used for what is going on right now, I mean right now. So whatever is going on right now that is tweet worthy is good.  Like, you should tweet you are reading this.  For more Twitter or social marketing help call us at 877-494-9668 or email us.

4. Weakness in the NYSE.

If a tweet can bring the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) down 100 points that reveals a major vulnerability and weakness.  How this weakness can be fixed is left up to more financially savvy people, but if you want to know how to make sure your business is more secure we can help with that.
Most businesses I have talked to recently mentioned how they have been hacked once or twice in the last year alone. If that is you then please call us at 877-494-9668 so we can help.  We are one of only a handful of companies offering affordable solutions to help your company with marketing while maintaining high levels of security.

If you have any questions about social media, web security and how this can impact your business call us at 877-494-9668 so we can help.  Our goal is to see your company grow and we have experts that can help do just that.