Twitter Post Objectives

Twitter Post Objectives

All social networks are different with slight similarities, same goes for their post objectives.  I recently covered Facebook Post Objectives so in the natural order next is Twitter.  Similar to Facebook, Twitter also has five post objectives.  I will cover the basics of these objectives, this will begin to establish a social foundation for you.

Twitter Post Objectives

1.  ReTweets (RTs)

The term ReTweet has been thrown around with very little understanding.  A ReTweets impact is much deeper than someone simply sharing your content.  When you get ReTweeted your profile pic and original content goes out to that persons followers.  NOT all of their followers will see it but the fact that it posts as one of their tweets with your content and profile pic gives it lasting power. 

2.  Replies

Getting replies is very similar to getting comments, however it's still not as easy as most people think.  A reply can help you gage your audience, helps you create future content and much more.  Replies are just as important as RTs, but they do not expand your content reach as much.  Learn more by attending a workshop, seminar or webinar.  Sign up to get more information.

3.  Clicks

I find that I am more successful with getting clicks on Twitter than I am with Facebook.  Clicks are the way we drive traffic to websites, blogs or content that is important to your audience.  Getting clicks takes a little finesse and lots of strategy.  Driving traffic to the places you need it takes a lot of thought and effort, but most importantly you have to identify your target audience first.

4.  @Mentions

Many people I talk to about Twitter do not understand mentions.  Mentions are different than replies but are very similar.  A mention, simply put, is when someone tags you in their post.  The catch is that they do not tag you in the beginning of the post, at that point it's a reply.  There is a way around that but for the most part the tag has to be within the content.  To learn more about mentions or the other Twitter post objectives call me at 877-494-9668.

5.  Reach

I established in my Facebook Post Objectives blog post that reach is the one objective common among all social networks.  Reach is what gives us impressions, but we achieve this objective differently.  To learn more about achieving this social post objective call me at 877-4949668.