Understanding Social Networks

Understanding Social Networks

Here is some insight into what the social networks are really best used for, and a way for you to create content for the right network.

You must first understand that each network has it’s own language, no two are identical.   I never recommend post from one to another, such as Facebook to Twitter or vice versa.  I say that because I look at what people post for insight into who they are, always looking to see if I really want to put my name to their content.  I try to be extremely conscious about what I put my stamp of approval on.

As far as I am concerned each network is it’s own island with it’s own population and it’s own language.

Facebook to me is more of an emotional network, it’s more human than any other.  I say that because any time I share something big in my life I get lots of interaction, but when I share factual information relevant to my industry there is significantly less interaction.  Plus, they added the emoticons for a reason!

Twitter is a great way for me to connect one on one with another business professional, friend or follower.  I personally have made far more leaps with connections on Twitter than on Facebook.  Twitter is better described as a networking event, whether you are there for business or personal reasons we all can connect with each other.  What sparks the connection is the type of content we share.  The other connections we have made and how we stay in touch by mentioning others and sharing useful info.

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