Your Website

Your Website

Many of you have seen my website change often.  I have tried a few different CMS’ (Content Management Systems) over the last several years.  From WordPress to Tumblr to WhyNotCMS.  You can learn about them in those blog posts.  Through this journey I have discovered a lot of things.  How important your logo is and how important a great website is.  Once you have an unforgettable logo then you can begin to create an unforgettable website.

Let’s be honest, most of us are not website designers or programmers so that means your website needs a pro.  That’s if you want to be memorable to your audience!

Since we are not designers or programmers, of the web kind, then we probably should hire one.  This allows you to have an website to match the current times instead of one from the 90’s.  Unless of course you like looking forgettable.

A great designer is Cassandra Stephens from C Stephens Design and a great developer is Norm Schurdell, both at  Cassandra has worked with me on creating an unforgettable logo to help me brand myself better.  Honestly, she did a great job.  Norm has been helping me create an unforgettable website.

If you want an unforgettable logo and an unforgettable website call me at 877-494-9668.